Specialist MICR Printing Systems/Applications.

Hewlett-Packard Australia's MICR Solution provider.

For information on dealers and resellers please contact Marinter Systems Pty Ltd.

Company Profile

Marinter Systems Pty Ltd, a wholly owned Australian Company, was established in 1988 to service the cheque and other financial document printing market within Australia and New Zealand.

Marinter provide MICR printing solutions to address low to high volume printing requirements within the Australasian marketplace. Marinter Systems specializes exclusively in the MICR Industry and provides both MICR hardware and MICR consumables.

We currently have MICR printing systems installed in over 1000 institutions.  Our client base spans across the low volume - multiple cheque account processing user eg. stock broking and trust companies, medium volume decentralized users - branch printing applications eg. banking and insurance companies, and high volume centralized users - major corporate and finance.  We are also prevalent in government, education and health applications.

To streamline integration of the many benefits provided to users of in-house MICR printing systems, Marinter has partnered with mainstream financial software suppliers to bundle host based applications with MICR printing systems.

All of the MICR printing systems provided by Marinter are compliant with Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA) standards and are year 2000 compliant.

BarDIMMTM, BarDIMMTM Pro 3.3 and  external print server are the most complete and easiest solution for printing barcodes quickly and accurately on HP printers.


Contact Information

Marinter Systems Pty. Ltd.


Telephone: 61 2 9533 1044
FAX: 61 2 9533 1921
Postal address: P.O. Box 393 Riverwood NSW 2210, Australia
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