HP "MICR Enabled" LaserJets with optional BarCode

Print your cheques where and when you need them under secure conditions


The issues . . .

  • Pre-printed cheque stationery is expensive to purchase and to administer.

  • Every time your banking relationship, corporate identity or corporate details change, new stationery must be purchased and the old stationery disposed of.

  • If your organization administers more than one account different stationery must be acquired for each account.

  • As the preprinted stationery is prenumbered, stocks must be continually audited for usage.

  • If a preprinted stationery is jammed or destroyed during the print alignment or print process stage, a costly piece of paper is wasted and the administrator must assign a new cheque number for the account to be re-printed and reconcile for the destroyed cheque number.

  • Signatories must be hunted down and time spent signing accounts which have been pre-verified.


MICR Enabled Path

  • Blank pre-coloured stationery is relatively inexpensive to acquire and can be used for multiple account postings.

  • Using relatively simple electronic form processes will allow you to change the corporate and banking relationship details electronically without invoking stock obsolescence.

  • Your operations staff no longer need to be concerned about loading correct account stationery to be used with relevant data files, removing the risk of incorrect account posting.

  • As the cheque numbers are being printed along with the client specific data there is no need to audit cheque stocks.

  • Reconciliation processes from remote print centres are simplified when cheque numbers are issued at time of printing within the data.

  • No need to reconcile jammed or destroyed stationery – simply reprint the cheque.

  • Print signatures, logos, templates and fixed text inline with the client specific data.


The solution is . . .

  • a Joint Technology development, designed to meet APCA and ANSI standards,

  • high quality, MICR SIMM/DIMM/Flash personality, Font and Toner specifically engineered for each LaserJet print engine.

  • fully supported in Australia by Hewlett-Packard Service programs.

  • available from HP Dealer/Reseller affiliates as pre-bundled new HP LaserJet products or as after-market upgrades

The Jetmobile® MicrDIMM Pro Cheque Printing Upgrade Kit gives users a fast, flexible and affordable way to print cheques and other financial documents, eg from within SAP R/3, right on your HP Laserjet desktop  or network printer –  using blank cheque stock.  Preprinted cheques are no longer needed.

The integration of MICR technology allows you to control your cheque printing requirements right on your HP LaserJet printer. Decentralized printing of high quality MICR cheques is another major step forward to streamline business processes. The Jetmobile® MicrDIMM Pro upgrade kit available for various HP LaserJet printers allows you to integrate desktop cheque printing into your business application, such as SAP R/3. To better manage your cash flow e.g. when paying suppliers, you can now easily issue cheques for multiple bank accounts without changing cheque stock. All cheques are printed on plain cheque stock on your local printer.

Print logos, form template, fixed data, client data, signatures and the MICR font in one single pass. No longer will you have to re-issue cheque numbers for destroyed stock or worry about stock obsolescence. One step processing onto blank cheque stock transforms disbursement processing into a simplistic task.


The solution is . . .
  • Secure MICR printing

  • Issues cheques/documents drawn off of multiple bank accounts

  • Prints on different-sized cheques from up to three separate trays

  • High resolution MICR E-13B font resident in MICR SIMM/DIMM/Flash

  • MICR toner: automatic toner density adjustments, low toner shutdown

  • Built-in sensor to detect installation of special MICR toner cartridge (Level III and IV only)

  • Password control to access MICR printing

  • Password protection on MICR fonts and MICR signature & overlay forms


  • Lockout of the printer’s front panel

  • No jam recovery, prevention from printing duplicate cheques

  • High security special fonts with symbol name as microletters

  • Automatic amount conversion from digits to text

  • Automatic formatting and word-wrapping of text amount on two lines

  • Supports MICR cheque printing in SAP R/3 environments

  • Simplistic integration into most environments and mainstream ERP solutions

  • Quality control auto-test page

  • 1 year warranty

MICR Enabled Features

Level II, III and IV MICR kits
MICR mode Control Enabled via the data stream, MICR mode provides an alternate personality specifically for printing cheques and other documents using MICR E13B font. Under MICR mode the LaserJet print engine is calibrated to produce high quality MICR output in accordance to local specification (ABA/APCA). The resident MICR font and security images are accessible only whilst MICR mode is activated.
Printer Resident MICR font Designed to work with the LaserJet print engine and specifically designed MICR toner for optimum read rate returns from the Banking clearance centres.
Quality Test Page Designed for submission to local testing facilities to verify MICR quality and toner adhesion.
Printer Resident Security fonts

Provide enhanced security with the provision of short digit name as a sub-title under numeric digit. Further prevention against post print alteration for fraudulent purposes.

Digits to Text String Conversion

The MICR mode SIMM/DIMM/Flash is capable of translating the digits amount field into a full text value over two lines. It will automatically fill the two lines, taking care of word-wrapping, font selection and remaining line fill.

Front Panel Lock (User selectable) Locks the control panel menu lists to prevent access to items such as menu parameters.
Password Protection

(User selectable) Prevents unauthorized access to the MICR mode personality, printer resident MICR fonts and stored signatures, logo’s or form templates

Auto-Reprint Off

Normal LaserJet operation will reproduce page images in memory upon a paper jam, in MICR mode the memory images are erased to eliminate the possibility of duplicate cheque production, ie jam occurred at output tray.

No Multi Copy Users and software are prevented from requesting multiple copies of page images whilst in MICR mode.
Toner Low Shutdown

To prevent against poor print quality (signal strength) at the end of the toner cartridge capacity, the LaserJet will stop printing until the MICR toner cartridge has been replaced.

Signature, Forms and Macros protection

These images are stored within a specific area of printer memory, not accessible unless MICR mode is activated. If access to any of the stored images are attempted when MICR mode is not enabled, "VOID" or "COPY" can be printed automatically on the page.


To simplify the integration process into platforms such as AS400 or other non binary data devices, the Freescape feature will allow the use of a printable character (ie. ~) to substitute for required escape characters. Freescape is intelligent enough to know when the character is to be recognized as an escape code or a printed character.

Level III and IV MICR kits

MICR Toner Cartridge Detection

Upon MICR mode being activated the printer will check the toner bay for the installation of MICR toner versus normal toner. Preventing the printing of MICR documents with normal toner. If MICR toner is not present, the LaserJet will prompt for installation of MICR Toner.

Level IV MICR Kits
Hardware Security Key

The key lock located at the rear of the LaserJet must be switched on to allow MICR mode activation and must remain on during MICR mode processing. The printer resident MICR font, Security fonts, Digits to text conversion and stored security images are locked by the security key.

Jetmobile® MICR kits are recommended for use with HP LaserJet printers designed for commercial purposes, ideally, LaserJet models which output above 8 page per minute operation.

Under no circumstances should re-filled, re-manufactured or third party MICR toner be used with the Jetmobile® "MICR Enabled" products, this is a calibrated solution designed to provide optimum output, any variation to these recommendations will effect MICR document readability.

Contact your local HP Authorized dealer for specific product information and quotation.

The Jetmobile® MicrDIMM Pro products are supported throughout Australia by Hewlett-Packard Australia Ltd.

Jetmobile® Intelligent BarCode Option

Obtain all the features included within the "MICR Enabled" systems and print BarCode fonts at the same time.

Jetmobile® BarDIMM Pro

Is an exclusive barcoding solution for HP LaserJet printers, available in PCL mode. The Module is easy to install and affordably priced, it allows users to print and produce reliable, readable quality barcodes in any format. It also enables barcodes to be printed in virtually any direction and size. On board control firmware utilizes the printer's processing capability to provide intelligence for checksums and embedded text. Simply download the required information which needs to be contained in the barcode to the printer and the intelligent barcode Module does the rest.

Fully compatible with international standards

A unique feature of Jetmobile® BarDIMM Pro  is the full EAN 128 set A, and the EAN 128 autoswitch, able to analyze incoming data to perform data compression and to switch dynamically between sets A, B and C within the same barcode. This feature makes the HP LaserJet printers one of the only standard laser printers that are fully compatible with the new international shipping labels standard UCC/EAN-128 defined by ANSI/MH 10.8 and the ENC/MITL (European Normalization Committee/Multi-Industry Transport Label).

Performs multiple tasks

The Jetmobile BarDIMM Pro performs many tasks. It provides a data integrity check whereby it automatically prints an error message in case of invalid data; all checksums are automatically calculated and printed; text value can be automatically printed, embedded in bars, half embedded, below or above bars; it has automatic font selection and scaling, and user-defined bar width and heights giving full flexibility.


Supports barcoding in SAP R/3 environments

Fully compatible with SAP R/3, Jetmobile BarDIMM Pro supports the printing of barcodes through the SAP R/3 device type HPLJ4, designed for HP PCL5 printers. HPLJ4 contains the PCL5 commands necessary to drive the barcode SIMM and is delivered with SAP R/3 release 3.0. Customers using SAP R/3 releases 2.1/2.2 may install this device type into their systems following R/3 note  number 8928.



  • Products available for most HP LaserJet printers

  • Available in PCL5 mode only

  • Installs like any standard SIMM, DIMM or Flash, requires one free SIMM, DIMM or Flash card slot

  • User-defined bar width and heights giving full flexibility

  • Built-in debugging facility which detects and prints error messages

  • Automatic calculation of checksums

  • Supports the ENC/MITL (European Normalization Committee/Multi-Industry Transport Label) barcode specifications

  • Automatic font selection and scaling for embedded text

  • Supports bar-coding in SAP R/3 environments

The following fonts and barcodes are available
  • Australia Post 4-state

  • UPC-A, UPC-A +2, UPC-A +5,

  • UPC-E, UPC-E +2, UPC-E +5,

  • EAN/JAN-8, EAN/JAN-8 +2, EAN/JAN-8 +5,

  • EAN/JAN-13, EAN-JAN-13 +2, EAN/JAN-13 +5,

  • 2 of 5 interleaved (+CHK),

  • 2 of 5 Matrix (+CHK),

  • 2 of 5 Industrial (+CHK),

  • 3 of 9 (+CHK),

  • 3 of 9 extended (+CHK),

  • 93 (+CHK), 93 extended (+CHK),

  • 128 autoswitch,

  • 128 A/B/C,

  • UCC-128,

  • USPS 25,


  • Codabar-Monarch (+CHK Mod 16),

  • MSI Plessey (+CHK 10),

  • MSI Plessey (+CHK 11 & CHK 10),

  • Danish, French and German postal bar-codes,

  • ZIP+4 Postnet 5 and 9 digits

  • All fonts of the "Bar Codes & More C2053A#C06" including OCR-A and OCR-B


What do you need to do?

  1. Establish your printing requirements; centralized and de-centralized.

  2. Rationalize your form requirements; # of different form types, ancillary forms to be collated with MICR forms and locations to be printed.

  3. Work with your form supplier to re-engineer your requirements to meet recent modifications to APCA standards and to create common stock for multiple applications.

  4. Assess your printer requirements; peak or daily throughput requirement, # of paper trays required and connectivity options.

  5. Contact your local HP Dealer/Reseller to obtain information relevant to your printer needs.

  6. Contact Marinter Systems to insure your implementation and individual needs are being addressed.

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