Release of new security features built into MICR TONER FOR Hewlett Packard PRINTERS

Marinter Systems are pleased to announce the release of a new, more secure MICR toner for Hewlett Packard 4000, 4015, 4515, 4050, 4100, 4200, 4250, 4350, 8000, 8150 and 9000 MICR-enabled printers. This new toner carries no additional cost and will become our standard MICR toner for these printers. Secure MICR toner for other Hewlett Packard MICR-enabled printer models will follow in the near future.

TROY’s patented anti-fraud technology forces a bright red stain to appear if chemical alteration of a document is attempted. TROY Security allows users to protect the words and graphics printed. For MICR applications and other financial documents a new generation of TROY MICR Toner, TROYMICR Toner Secure™, is becoming the new benchmark in anti-fraud cheque printing. For standard applications (i.e. education transcripts, medical records, legal documents, etc.) TROY Security Toner adds a cost-effective new layer of security to your sensitive documents.

Why did TROY and Marinter Systems decide to add this new feature for Australia?
Offering this new feature with our product line will provide customers with an extra layer of security to protect against document fraud and chemical alteration of documents. Fraud costs companies millions of dollars each year; TROY and Marinter’s goal is to help protect our customers against fraudulent alteration of documents.

How is this going to help prevent cheque fraud?
TROY Secure MICR Toner contains a hidden red security agent within the toner; if chemical alteration is attempted on your document a red stain will appear.

What does “Secure” mean?
Secure simply means that we are adding a feature to help combat cheque fraud. TROY and Marinter Systems are being proactive in helping our customers protect themselves against chemical alteration.

How will YOU benefit from added Security?
TROY’s new feature protects your MICR documents from chemical alteration* without requiring additional equipment or reconfiguration to your Hewlett Packard MICR-enabled printer. The simplicity of this solution allows for seamless integration with your current printing process.
*Any solvent that will remove the toner will release the active red agent, which is embedded in the toner.

What is chemical alteration?
Chemical alteration, also known as cheque washing, is the process of removing elements from a cheque through chemical means allowing the ability to reprint information. Criminals typically use a common household chemical to perform this type of alteration. Chemical alteration is difficult to detect at the first point of contact, therefore, it is important to help protect against this threat.

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